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Contact us

If you have questions please contact us:

Profil & Souvenir i Sverige AB
Tallhammarsvägen 11
08-514 507 40





Unless otherwise specified, delivery takes place from us within the specified delivery date on your order.


for example 17033:


17 = 2017

03 = Week 3

3 = day 3, i.e. Wednesday





When you wash clothes with logos on them, its important to:

  • Never tumble-dry them.
  • Never iron directly on the pressure.
  • Always turn printed clothes inside out when washing.




If you ordered the wrong size and wish to change clothes or shoes, the following applies:

  • The products should be neatly folded in their original packaging
  • Send the products to:

Profile & Souvenirs in Sweden AB

Tallhammarsvägen 11


Labelling: Your order number

  • Add a copy of your order and write down what you want us to do with the products.

As soon as we received the products, we'll send new products to you.


You can't change clothes with personal logos on. 


If you've received wrong products from us, please contact us at:


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